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Our Products

We buy local whenever possible. We proudly list our local suppliers on the back of each pack, along with the ingredients used, because we believe in promoting businesses that work with us to bring you the snacks that you are eating.

Our Bar Snacks are different because we are determined to make them as flavoursome as we possibly can. We take simple, straightforward ingredients, and turn them on their heads to create some spectacular snacks. Our blends are made using a combination of both liquid sauces and dry ingredients, all in pursuit of the ultimate awesomeness in a snack bag.

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The Hangover

Bar Snach

So named because of its list of ingredients---which includes free range duck fat, Worcestershire, and maple syrup, tossed through spice-coated salty peanuts. And it is, of course, totally awesome. Works wonders chopped and tossed through a salad or in a sandwich or roll, or even (if you dare!), as a topping for vanilla ice cream.

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First, we take bacon from rare breed, free-range, ethically-raised pigs, sourced directly from their farms in Victoria, and we candy it. Then we add popcorn, smoked paprika, a splash of bourbon, house-made butterscotch, and a dash of smoky chipotle chilli. Right now, you are probably looking at the most awe-inspiring combination known to man. Ever.

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Bar Snack

Watch yourself, for this combination of umami and delicious chilli-ness will blow your head off! Made with house-brewed kombu dashi (umami-rich base stock made from infusing sea kelp), a dab of miso and a dash of Japanese seven-spice chilli blend, this snack is as real and mind-blowing as it gets. Try sprinkling on Japanese style salads, or use to top a scoop of dark chocolate ice cream for crunch and a chilli kick.

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street cart

Bar Snack

Traditionally, satay consist of pieces of meat that have been marinated (or rubbed, in some recipes) in a secret blend of spices, speared through wooden skewers and grilled over a charcoal flame, before being slathered in a blend of peanut sauce and more spices. Our version s based on a recipe from the tropical island of Bali- which means you will never need to find another street cart to satisfy your street food cravings ever again. You're welcome.

About Us

The Wondersnack Company was founded on the idea that the food we eat should always deliver wonderful flavours, even when we are simply snacking.

Established in Melbourne, Australia, we exist to push boundaries and challenge what packaged snacks can be. We have taken a small batch approach to making our snacks, where time, care and good ingredients are essential to the finished product.

You won’t find any fillers, preservatives, or additives in any of our snacks, all of which pack big hits of flavours, so that a little goes a long way. We specialize in familiar snacks with awesome twists that will make you do a double take (Bourbon and Bacon Popcorn, anyone?); and they are so good we think they should come with an addiction warning!

Welcome to the new frontier in snacking, and we look forward to converting the world with you, one Wondersnack at a time!

Christy Loekito

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